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A Pocatello Based Law Firm

Here at Hansen Legal it is our aim to provide the best Services the Legal World has to Offer at an affordable rate! To this end, Hansen Legal brings over 15 years of combined business and litigation experience to the table.

Additionally, Hansen Legal understands that not everyone is a Lawyer, nor are they trained in Legal Terminology, Strategy, or Procedure. For many people Legal matters can be confusing, overwhelming, and daunting. To help overcome this, Hansen Legal offers free consultations on most of the offered services and works hard to make things simple and easy to understand. Call now to set up a consultation or browse the website for more information on how Hansen Legal can help you.

Business Law Made Simple

Whether it is tackling the needs of a startup, understanding and entering into contracts, or dealing with pending litigation, the Legal side of a Business can feel overwhelming.

Here at Hansen Legal, we get the Legal and can make it easy and simple for you to understand. Check out the Business Law Tab to see our services and learn more about what we have to offer.

Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime can often feel like the end of the world. Hansen Legal is here to tell you it is not. There are always options and defenses and having an experienced criminal litigator by your side ensures all those options and defenses are open. If you have been charged with a crime call immediately for a free consultation.


Tax Law

There is more to Tax Law than filing returns and worrying about getting audited. That is what accountants are for. However to ease the stress of returns and the possibility of being audited, Hansen Legal offers Tax Planning services. In short Tax Planning can leave you with more money in your pocket and a whole lot less stress come tax season.

Already past that point and facing an audit? Give Hansen Legal a call for a free consultation on your tax defense. 208-242-2020

Estate Planning

There is no better time to think about the end than now! Especially given that you are at the end of this web page! When it comes to Estate Planning there are a lot of myths about the way it works. For example there is a lot more to Estate Planning than planning for your death! Check out the Estate Planning tabs and pages to learn more about how Estate Planning through Hansen Legal can help you today and now.

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