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For Businesses

Taking on employees as a business is a big responsibility. To prove it, the government devoted an entire section of law to it called employment law. Employment law is there to provide both businesses and employees with an understanding of what rights and responsibilities each has. Strangely, this sounds just like a contract. Not surprisingly, each time a business hires an employee there is a contract between them. It is important that the contract abide by the bounds set by employment law. This includes any disruptions in the contract such as promotions, raises, disciplinary actions, and termination. Attorney assistance with these contracts helps to limit and prevent major disruption in the business when there are disruptions in the employment contracts.


Performance Improvement Plan

Whether you are an employee or a business with employees, performance improvement plans, or PIP for short, will likely be a part of your employment experience. When used wisely, PIP's are an essential part of successful business and employment. However, when mishandled, PIP's become a nightmare both for the business and the employee.

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When a business uses PIP's as a regular part of the employment experience they are able to ensure each employee has a goal for improvement and the motivation to achieve that goal. Additionally, the business gains an understanding from the employee where it can improve both in the employment relationship and the overall success of the company. When a business uses PIP's solely as a form of punishment it puts itself at risk of liability. To ensure PIP's are used correctly, businesses should use them with assistance of an attorney. If your business is considering the use of PIP's call Hansen Legal and let us help you limit your liability through the implementation and management of your PIP program.

For Employees

Do you feel like you have been wrongfully PIPed?

As an employee a Performance Improvement Plan can often come as a shock. When PIP's are not part of the norm of your employment contract, being "PIPed" (as i have heard many employees call it) can feel like an attack on your character and a major disciplinary action.

The most important thing to remember when you have been PIPed is to not make any rash decisions. Because PIP's bring with them a lot of emotion and often a feeling of betrayal, many employees receiving them end up quitting or getting fired for overreacting to being PIPed.

The next important thing is to consult an attorney. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that use PIP's to manufacture cause to terminate an employee. This happens when an employee overreacts to the PIP and refuses to comply or even sign the notification of the PIP. Attorney's are able to listen to your particular set of facts and know whether something fishy is going on. From there, an Attorney can advise you on the appropriate steps to take. In most cases the best step to take is writing a memorandum of understanding to go along with signing the notice of PIP; however, in some cases, you may need to meet with Company Human Resources to negotiate how to go forward or possible separation agreements. In extreme cases you may have to file a lawsuit. In all those situations Hansen Legal can help. More importantly, all of those options could be in jeopardy if the moments after receiving notice of the PIP are not handled correctly. If you have been PIPed call Hansen Legal to set up a consultation.

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