A Felony is a very serious charge. In Idaho it is the highest degree of available charges that the state can bring. The consequences of being convicted of a Felony are severe and most often involve the loss of freedom through incarceration.

As with all criminal charges, anyone charged with a Felony has certain rights that must be defended. One of which is the right to a preliminary hearing. A preliminary hearing must be held within 14 days if you are in custody and 21 days if you are out. (The time line for out of custody is subject to change by the Supreme Court of Idaho). At the preliminary hearing the state must prove by substantial evidence that there exists probable cause for the charge.

The preliminary hearing is a great place to bring out the strengths and weaknesses in the state's case, and to get witness testimony on the record that can be matched to the witnesses testimony at trial. Because the preliminary hearing is a very important part of felony defense it is important that you find an attorney who is willing to contest the hearing if necessary, to preserve and defend your rights. Here at Hansen Legal it is our belief that preparation makes the best strategy in any case. In many cases this means contesting a preliminary hearing, which we are prepared to do. If you have been charged with a felony call now for a free initial consultation to see what Hansen Legal can do for you.

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