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There are states that treat misdemeanors more like infractions. There are even states that do not offer the right to appointed counsel for certain misdemeanors. In Idaho misdemeanors are taken very seriously. Unlike other states Idaho does not classify any of their violations. After Infractions, Idaho has Misdemeanor and Felony violations. There are no lesser versions of either such as class C, B, or A. What this means is the Misdemeanor for turning around on the freeway in the authorized vehicle only turn out is treated just as seriously as a DUI or a Domestic Battery.

Because Idaho treats all misdemeanors as serious violations it is important that all who are charged with a misdemeanor obtain an attorney. As attorney's it is our sworn duty to uphold the constitution and within that to protect the rights of the accused we represent. The constitution has afforded you rights in every criminal case of which you are accused. The Supreme Court of Idaho and of the United States of America continues to shape and define those rights. An attorney is their to ensure those rights, as defined by the presiding Supreme Courts, are protected and upheld. Let Hansen Legal help you defend your freedom and protect your rights. Call today for a free initial consultation on your misdemeanor charges.

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