White Collar Crime

White collar crime has been both demonized and glorified in many types of media publications. Because of its media popularity there are many people who believe the know what white collar crime is but in reality have no idea. The true meaning of white collar crime is a non-violent crime. Some definitions include the qualifier of involving cheating, dishonesty, or commercial matters. The qualifier is what most media productions get their ideas from. The base definition would make white collar crime very broad. The reality is, most white collar crime occurs through ignorance.

In my experience as an attorney with white collar crime, I have seen that most of those who are charged with different types of fraud or dishonesty, honestly had no idea they were doing something bad. Most are business owners who felt they were simply operating their business as was custom for their chosen business. In many cases it comes from a misunderstanding of taxes or bad advise from an accountant. Most of this misunderstanding usually comes from hearing rumors or watching fictional shows involving business. All of the cases I have seen could have been avoided with proper consultation with a lawyer.

When it comes to white collar crime the best defense is having a trusted lawyer by your side as you start, grow, and manage your business. However, if you have been charged with a white collar crime, there are still available defenses. It is important that as soon as you are charged or feel like your business may be heading down the wrong path you consult with an attorney. Hansen Legal has both practical experience and the necessary knowledge to help your business with any white collar crime issues it may be facing. Call today to set up a consultation.

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