The rules and regulations in our Nations tax law are daunting. The code is so large and changes so often that many IRS attorneys do not even know it all. Because of this it helps to have an attorney who stays up to date on the most recent tax law changes and has experience in defending both businesses and individuals against the IRS.

However, IRS defense is not the only service that Hansen Legal offers in the world of tax law. In many cases the best defense is actually a good offense and tax law is one of those cases. Because of this, Hansen Legal offers tax planning services. Tax planning is different than the unauthorized advise your accountant might be giving you. Tax planning is done with an Attorney who knows the legal arguments available behind the code and can advise on how best to spend and save money to limit tax liability.

So whether you are in trouble with the IRS or are just looking for the best way to limit your tax liability Hansen Legal is here to help. Call today to set up a consultation.

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