Daniel always had a sense for business and leadership. Starting at 16 he was a supervisor for an Arizona Jamba Juice. At 17 he opened his first business in landscaping. With the help of his brother and a business attorney he turned that business into a very profitable company.

At 18, while still running his landscaping business, he took on a revenue manager position at a local amusement park. Not long after, he opened his second business building sheds and playhouses. This business soon turned from mere sheds and playhouses to a successful contracting business. Daniel sold his interest in both these businesses to pursue a service opportunity in Russia in 2009, but that was not the end of his business experience.

Throughout his young adult life, Daniel continued to take on multiple management positions and successfully open businesses. During this time Daniel Studied Business and Financial Economics at Utah State University. He then went on to study Law at the University of Idaho and graduated early with his Juris Doctorate and a Business Law and Entrepreneurship Emphasis.

Daniel Hans T Hansen

Daniel Hansen is currently the sole attorney for Hansen Legal PLLC. However, the firm is set up for expansion if and when that is needed.

While he may currently be the only attorney he has the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to successfully and effectively represent clients in all the areas of service that Hansen Legal offers.

Daniel grew up in a family of skilled entrepreneurs including carpenters, landscapers, and computer engineers. He got to see first hand what did and did not work in running a business. From a young age he made sure to tag along and learn the skills his family members had mastered.

During Law school he worked as a legal consultant for MSBT Law where he learned how to represent private clients and how to preserve the rights of defendants through prosecution.

After graduating Daniel took a Prosecutor position with Elmore County, Idaho. During this time he acquired the Litigation experience he needed to offer well rounded representation for any client that might need his services.

When the Pandemic hit America and the country shut down in March of 2020, many of Daniel's friends in business needed help. At first he was able to offer them help as a pro-bono service, but eventually the work became too much for him to take on while still working as a Prosecutor. So after much discussion with his wife, he left his position as a Prosecutor and opened his own firm in one of the fastest growing areas of Idaho, Pocatello.

He is now able to serve the needs of those in Idaho full time, with 100% focus and dedication.

During the time that Katerina was in Russia doing her service, Daniel was finishing up his years of service he had been doing in the same area. In fact, they shared many of the same friends and were often in the same building as each other; however, they never did meet each other while in Russia.

It wasn't until months after they had returned back to the states that they were introduced to each other, when a mutual friend from Russia visited the states.

It was not long before the two fell in love and were married.

While going through school for herself, supporting her husband, and raising a family, Katerina owned and operated a sewing business where she made and sold children's quilts and baby toys. After graduating, she opened a new business selling women's clothing. She continued to run this business as she brought 3 more children into the world and supported Daniel through finishing his schooling.

Katerina embodies the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to be a successful business owner. In addition, she has the administrative knowledge to establish strong structure as well as smooth, well-working business relationships.

While most of her work is behind the scenes, clients can rest assured knowing Katerina is there and making things happen.

Katerina Hansen

Office Administrator

Katerina Hansen Is the life blood of the office. She is the one who ensures everything runs smoothly. Most of her work takes place behind the scenes so unfortunately most people who associate with Hansen Legal do not get the chance to meet her. However, just because they didn't get to meet her doesn't mean she didn't help in a big way with their legal representation.

Katerina comes from a family of high ambitions. Many of her siblings have obtained a doctorate degree and almost all of them have some sort of advanced degree. From an early age she wished to be a veterinarian, but unfortunately life's hardships got in the way of that goal. However, Katerina did not let that get her down.

After the unexpected death of her first husband, Katerina took an opportunity to go to Russia and teach kids English. During her time there she made many friends and learned the importance of structure and diversity in all activities. Knowledge of which she has taken and applied through out her life.

Since that time Katerina has been the driving force behind Daniel's success. She convinced him that he could put his business knowledge and skills to best use by serving others in need. It was she who showed him that through law he would be able to prevent small businesses from being taken advantage of. She was his main support through both undergrad and law school. Constantly reminding him of his potential and helping him reach for perfection. She did all this while at the same time raising a family and running her own business.

That's right! Katerina has been more than a stay at home mom and a faithful and devoted companion. While supporting Daniel through his undergrad and giving birth to two beautiful girls, Katerina took online classes and graduated with her bachelors in Healthcare Administration from Weber State University. This degree combines both business administration and knowledge of the insurance business. As part of her degree she wrote a ground breaking thesis in the world of hospital administration, for which she received high praise from her University.

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